cidco-1And the worries for CIDCO does not end here because for the last three years, the planning body has not done the audit for last three years. The officials at CIDCO always boast of achievements in planning cities and earning profits. But the claims might be misleading as the planning agency has not done the audit for last three years. Sources said that CIDCO has claimed to have net balance of Rs 645 crore at the end of last financial year. But there are no certified audit reports to support the claim. While CIDCO is one of the most important and profit making corporations of the state, the board of directors have not even yet approved the audit done for the year 2006-07. In fact, the authorities concerned have not carried out the audit for the years 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10. Formed to create Navi Mumbai, the planning agency has several projects across the city and even outside the state. It is shocking that the authorities have not even bothered to get the audit done on time when several scams are being unearthed. The planning agency is currently under scanner as senior officials from the urban development department are conducting inquiries into the development permissions issued by the planning agency during the last six months of the tenure of the then Managing Director GS Gill. It is the job of the audit department to monitor all the land deals under the jurisdiction of the planning agency. The fact that the financial transactions have not been audited for since 2007, indicates that the government does not have any control on the errant officials posted at the planning agency. CIDCO officials agree to the delay and say it is due to some administrative reasons. However, what the planning body fails to explain is that without any certified audit report, how has CIDCO projected a profit of Rs 803.87 crore at the end of current financial year. Bureau report – NMTV News.


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