bus-1Post the Panvel bus mishap which claimed the lives of the students traveling in the bus, even today, buses are found flouting the safety norms. After the unfortunate incident that took place in Panvel where the CKT school bus caught fire, many guidelines had been issued by the RTO and traffic department to schools and bus owners to have safety measures. However, a look at this bus will tell you how much the rules are being flouted. This bus while is a private bus is also used as a school bus. As we can see, the bus does even have the basic safety measures like emergency exit, prominent name of the school and telephone number on the front window. Moreover, these private buses don’t even have yellow colored stripes which is the prerequisite for the school buses. According to rules, a school bus should ideally have: an emergency exit on right hand side of the driver, fire extinguisher, yellow color stripes, first aid and the name of the school and its telephone number. In Navi Mumbai very few schools seem to follow this norm; as many of the buses are private. Deputy RTO Bharat Kalashkar, speaking to NMTV News informed that after the Panvel mishap, schools were asked to upgrade the safety measure. He gave an insight about private operators and the norms to be followed. The RTO will revoke the license of the bus owners or permanently cancel it if the safety rules were not followed. School buses are not following the safety norms, perhaps putting the life of students in danger. But as a vigilant citizen and as a caring parent of your child, you must bring such shortcomings in the notice of RTO; so that you can help protect the life of your own child. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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