crz-2Cuffe Parade, Walkeshwar, Bandra, Juhu, Versova and other upscale areas falling in Coastal Regulatory Zone II could soon have more land available for development. The ministry of housing has proposed a Floor Space Index (FSI) of 2.5 for redevelopment of slums falling in CRZ II. According to the ministry’s estimates, there are over one lakh hutments in this area, occupying about one crore sq ft of expensive land, which is now being made available for redevelopment. The FSI in CRZ II as on date is 1.33. Since these hutments are in cramped conditions, developers need to build more in the same area to accommodate slum dwellers and are left with very little area to sell in the open market. Because it is a CRZ issue, the ministry would be approaching the Union Ministry for Environment and Forests to sanction the proposal of more FSI and make redevelopment here more viable. CRZ-II areas are those areas up to 500 metres on the landward side of high-tide lines and areas around creeks and rivers, where substantial development had already occurred before 1991. No new construction is allowed on the seaward side of roads. This, according to the State Government’s own estimates covers 38 per cent of land in Mumbai. In fact, a proposal to increase FSI for old and dilapidated buildings in CRZ II from 2 to 2.5 is also in the making.

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