seal-asharamStarted in the year 1999 by Pastor K M Philip, SEAL or the Social & Evangelical Association for Love is a NGO working for the rehabilitation of neglected children, mentally retarded, blind and dumb, lost and homeless, poor and sick afflicted with HIV/Aids, TB and other deadly diseases, the handicapped, rape victims, terminally ill and destitute people. Situated on an area of 5000 sq. ft. at Panvel, the home houses around 72 inmates. People, who are mostly abandoned by families due to social reasons, do not have homes or relatives, or those who suffer from all kinds of skin diseases and illnesses. Such less fortunate ones find no place in society but are welcomed with open arms at SEAL. Three other pastors support Pastor Philip. Pastor Biju says that the staff and the volunteers give the inmates the attention and attention they deserve. So far, the ashram has successfully reunified 70 inmates in the past seven years with their families. Apart from the four pastors, the ashram has 17 assistants, four brothers, one sister and others and eight volunteers, work round the clock to look after the inmates who cook, give inmates medicines, wash and feed the patients. Pr Philip says that his faith in helped him start the ashram. The ashram also has a preliminary school, where mentally retarded children are imparted preliminary education. In case of HIV/AIDS, cancer and TB patients, they are sheltered, cared, physically and spiritually nourished and those who die are given a dignified funeral.


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