asharam-5Established in the year 1999, by Pastor K. M. Philip, Seal ashram at Panvel provides shelter to the homeless, to the needful and to the destitute. The ashram was started with the determination and perseverance of Pastor Philip who was supported by his friends and family to rescue the hundreds of destitute found on railway platforms and streets of Mumbai. Pastor K. M. Philip along with his dedicated and committed team of youngsters comprising of Pr. Biju, asst. Pr. Riju, staff and volunteers have a strong belief in the work which shows in their working. With limited resources and facilities, they have worked relentlessly towards providing medicine, food, shelter and education for the destitute. It was during visit his in Mumbai when he was approached to take care of a child, which he had then refused as he was not planning to stay there, that became the turning point in his life to do something for the needy and the poor. While Pastor Philips did return for the child, he was informed that the child had died in an accident. This experience prompted him to start a rehabilitation centre. The rehabilitation center was not just a shelter but a haven for the destitute to hope for life again. The center takes care of neglected children and orphans providing them with shelter, food and education. For these children, each moment and each teaching is an opportunity and probably the reason why they show such a keen interest in gaining knowledge. The center also rehabilitates TB and HIV Aid patients. The center works in so much detail that the people picked up for filthy streets and nooks of the city are cleaned medically and sterilized. They are then given shelter, food and assistance so that they can stand on their own feet. Fulfilling their social responsibilities, the ashram rescues these people and reconnects them with their family. With no financial help but with a lot of inner strength, they managed to clean the patients, clothe them, feed them and keep them. While in the beginning, they had no idea how they were going to manage this project, today they have a mission to fulfill. In this mission of theirs, the organization is holding a Seal Charity Festival 2009 which is an evening of gratitude and celebration to the successful completion of their 10 years. The event will see the presence of some eminent musicians including Naveen Kumar, Sam Kuchikala, Vinod Hutton, Sabu Jacob, Stephen Devassy and A Sivamani at St. Lawrence School in Vashi on 22 November at The Shine and the Shimmer and then the slums, the pavements and the people lying on the railway platform. No wonder Mumbai city is known as the city of heavens and hells. The story of seal ashram is the story of love, the love to those unwanted, unloved and forsaken. Seal Ashram has given a new hope to these children who now have a dream, a place to lay their heads, a reason to laugh and a hope for a better tomorrow. Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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