vijay-chouguleCorruption is deep rooted in NMMC and this has been highlighted several times. Adding to the reports has been the shocking expose of corruption in tenders system of NMMC by Standing Committee Chairman Vijay Chougule. When the members of NMMC Standing Committee asked for justification of why NMMC officials boycotted the previous standing committee meet, Chairman Vijay Chougule took the case of officials and said that like the two pair of wheels of a vehicle, the NMMC cannot work without whether the corporators or the administration. He added that the officials only have to answer to the corporators but the corporators have to answer the entire ward they represent. They have to face the music of hundreds of voters. He reprimanded the officials and said that if they did not make mistakes in their duty, they would not have to face the wrath of public representatives. Vijay Chougule said that the officials who do not wish to be accountable for their follies should not continue working on posts related to public work. And if this continued, he would have to meet the Chief Minister and respective departments for action on such officials. He reiterated that officials who did not attend the NMMC standing committee meetings should send this in writing and absence without notice will not be tolerated. Making a shocking revelation, Standing Committee Chairman Vijay Chougule has now voiced the corruption in the tender system of NMMC. He says that in tenders that are competitive and not a part of the ring system, officials in league with contractors allegedly open the tender box, see what the competition or rival contractor has filled in his tender and then file their tenders. Vijay Chougule is going to expose this racket in NMMC in the coming standing committee meets.

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