Seasoned journalist and President of Navbharat Group Deshbhushan Sharma celebrated his 50th birthday at Marine Center in style. Noted doctors and professionals along with well wishers and family members joined the occasion of celebration reports Milind Tambe. Hailing from Panna in Madhya Pradesh, it has been a long and rewarding journey for seasoned journalist Deshbhushan Sharma. A student of Bhopal University, the fire in Deshbhushan Sharma to make a difference in society brought him to the field of journalism. The passion brought him to Dainik Jagran, where he learnt the art of being a reporter as a management trainee in 1984. His early reportage reflected the issues of the common man and became an interactive medium between the public and policy makers. Very soon he was appointed the Chief Executive. Later he took over as the Managing Director of Dainik Bhaskar at Raipur. It was in the year 1998 that he joined Dainik Navbharat at Nagpur as Managing Director. His undying passion and hard work elevated him to the post of Vice President, until finally today is appointed to the post of President of the Navbharat Group. It has been only a year to the new post, which added to the zest of the 50th birthday celebrations of the seasoned journalist at Marine Center. The traits of excellence of the father reflect in his three children – one son being a pilot, another doctor and the daughter studying in for graduation. The who’s who of the industry and medical field were also present to share the joy with their friend Deshbhushan Sharma. We wish D B Sharma many more healthy happy and purposeful years in his professional and personal life.

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