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Second day of terror continues inside Nairobi Mall as the forces are battling with the terrorists, Kenya

It’s the second day, second day of horror and terror for all those who are still held hostage inside the Nairobi mall in Kenya and for all those whom they are related to. The number of the dead and injured have kept rising from what it had been laid down before, rising to more than 70 dead and 165 injured. The Kenyan forces are in a battle with the gunmen since yesterday, and they have also succeeded in freeing most of the hostages and taking up position inside most of the area of the mall. However, the forces have not informed about the fact as how many hostages have been freed and how many are still been held up by the terrorists.
While answering to his people and to the reporters, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta assured that the forces are already inside the mall and taken up most of the situations in their hands and so believes that the siege would end soon. ‘The criminals are located in one place inside the building. With the professionals in site, I assure Kenyans that we have as good a chance to successfully neutralize the terrorists as we can hope for’ as stated by a grief stricken President Uthuru Kenyatta who lost one of his nephew and his fiancé in this attack.
The terrorists have given out their clear message to the Kenyan government and to the world, for years Kenyan troops have been fighting with them on their soil in Somalia, now they are just shifting battle grounds. Going beyond the thinking of the US and Kenyan diplomats, the terrorist attacked one of those places which was highly used by the foreigners, a place which was the least expected by the officials. The attacks killed many foreigners that included people from Britain, France, Canada, Australia and other countries also. As far as reports on American citizens have been laid out, only five are reported to be severely injured, while none are reported dead. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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