sanpada-police-chowki-ploThe panic created across the city after the Sanpada shoot out is yet not over when another report of broad daylight shoot-out at Vashi has been reported. Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Monika Bhosale brings to you a report. The incident took place at around 2pm at Sanpada. Four unidentified persons in a black Santro number being MH 04 AB 7816 went to a jewelry shop at Sanpada. Two robbers stayed back in the car, while two went inside the shop. There were two persons in the jewelry shop at that time. The two robbers threatened the duo at gun point and asked them to put all the jewelry in the bags they had brought. However, the instead of abiding by as told, the duo started screaming for help. The two persons panicked and started running out of the shop while the nearby shop owners came after hearing the screams. At this point, the duo fired two shots in the air to disperse the crowd and rain away with a gold chain worth Rs. 50, 000. The shop owners immediately informed the police who declared a nakabandi. The robbers who were trying to make an escape from Sanpada, went to Koperkhairane through Palm Beach. They were moving at a crazy speed, which resulted in their Santro hitting several rickshaws, cars and other vehicles. When they reached the D Mart Circle at KK, the police circled them and fired two rounds. However, despite the attempt, three robbers still managed to escape while one was nabbed with the car by the police. The incident is very concerning for the city and especially for the residents of Palm Beach Road. Being centrally located, the Palm Beach Rd with no police chowki makes it easier for criminals to make an escape after committing the crime. Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Milind Tambe reports. Though a plot has been allotted for a police chowki at Sanpada, today one can see only slums on this plot. Residents of the area say that with the absence of a police chowki for the entire stretch, it makes it a haven for criminals. Chain snatching, eve teasing, mugging and now broad daylight bold robberies have become the order of the day, say residents. They blame the police for neglecting the security needs of the area. In the past, criminals have made easy escapes from Navi Mumbai as it is centrally located and fleeing to Uran, Thane or even Mumbai is not a tough call. Most of these escapes are made from the Palm Beach Road. Residents say that seeing the strategic location of the Palm Beach Road, a police chowki is a must but the police is ignoring the same. When quested about this, DCP Amar Jadhav assured that a proposal for a police chowki at Palm Beach Road is pending with the home ministry. Once cleared, the chowki will be made functional.


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