nerul-garden1Navi Mumbai is considered to be an ideal city with all basic as well as modern facilities. The satellite city is well known for its beautiful gardens, tall towers and modern infrastructure. But the condition of Lokshaheer Annabhau Sheth garden located at sector 15 of Nerul (E) tells us a different story. Local residents are upset with the authorities due to their negligence in maintaining this garden. Greenery has been replaced by soil, this is the condition of Annabhau Sathe garden which was built for recreation purpose. Today, the residents of Nerul east recall the days when they used to sit in the garden either for a get together or for recreation. Children used to play inside the garden. According to the citizens the garden was very well maintained by the authorities but in due course, it failed to take notice and maintain it properly, due to which the garden is lying into ruins. Today, the garden has become a centre for druggists and alcoholics. People urinate and throw waste at this place which has made its condition worse. Residents are depressed as the garden was once known for its beauty and facilities which has now become useless for them. Residents expressed their concern over the garden’s renovation and requested the authorities to take immediate action. The condition of the garden has worsened in the last six years and despite making several complaints no action has been taken by NMMC. We spoke to the officer of NMMC’s garden department CD Tayde who informed us that a re development plan has been prepared for the garden. However, his response to the delay for action was that he was newly transferred. With Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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