deep-water--2Residents in Sector-17, Vashi are seen wading through water, as the high tide has made the water from the drainage to enter this area. This is the situation in summer. Residents fear something even more worse to happen during the monsoon. Divya Sathyanarayanan takes a look at the plight of the residents and the vehicles in Sector-17 for a report. What you are watching is not the visual of Sector-17 during monsoon. This is how sector-17, Vashi is at present, during peak summer. For the past 3 days, Sector-17, Vashi has been in deep water, as the high tide has made the water level rise in the drainage and underground lines, and made it enter into the roads. The water has gathered in the low level areas and is stagnant. The footpath also gets submerged in this water, and hence the residents are forced to wade through this water. Some even resort to walking on the dividers in the middle of the road. The vehicles have to slow down in these water clogged areas and causes problems for both two and four wheelers. The pedestrians are the worst affected group in this case, as they are forced to walk in this gutter water. The people are unable to commute to the shops in this area, due to the water accumulation. The stagnant water is a breeding place for the mosquitoes and a hub for all sorts of diseases. Being one of the most important sectors in a prime node of Navi Mumbai, the present situation is not only inconveniencing residents but even others who come for work here. No points for guessing that the worst fear of residents of Sector 17 today is that if this is the condition in summer, then God save them during monsoon when probably residents will have to use boats to commute in the sector. According to sources, the main reason for this horrifying situation in Sector 17, Vashi is that the drains that have overflowed are not cleaned periodically and even when they are, the work done by the contractor is shoddy and of poor standards. At the same time, since the water overflowed on roads for days together, it exposed how little the corporation is prepared for such situations. Makes one wonder whether NMMC is awaiting another 26th July to wake up and take necessary action against one of the most burning open nullahs issue that haunts Vashi. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Divya Sathyanarayanan for NMTV News.

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