magroves-1Environment massacre at the creek lining Vashi village is going unchecked. As if the role of land mafia killing mangroves was not enough, now the dispute between two families at the village has killed hundreds of fishes while mangrove destruction continues. These half burnt and destructed mangroves expose just how serious NMMC is about protecting environment, specifically mangroves. And it is not something new – mangrove destruction by land mafia is a constant brutal reality at Vashi village. Debris is constantly being dumped on mangroves to give way to land for encroachment. Despite this being reported by the media time and again, the NMMC has failed its duty and this is no allegation but a fact. Now the worst example of environment massacre has been set by two family of Vashi village that are at loggerheads. The two Sutar families have allegedly destroyed mangroves and made fish ponds and when the two families entered into a dispute – each allegedly poisoned the others pond killing hundreds of fishes. NMMC ward officer Balkrishna Patil confirmed that the same. However, ask him why has his office been sitting as mute spectators on these cases of marine life and environment massacre and the officer has no answer. Environmentalist Manju Ganguly shared more about the disastrous result of such cases. Environment massacre at Vashi village exposes just how serious the state environment department, NMMC and the police are about abiding by High Court orders for mangroves. Unfortunately, the same will some day cost dearly to the city and its people. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.


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