senior-citizenThe alleged failure on part of NMMC to keep its promise made to senior citizens of constructing a day care centre has prompted the members of the Senior Citizens Association, CBD Belapur to opt for Satyagraha. Members of Senior Citizen Association, Belapur are threatening to go on an uninterrupted hunger strike before the NMMC headquarters from December 15 onwards if their demands are not met. The decision to go on a hunger strike comes after nearly three years. They were hoping the corporation would do the needful. Members of the association say all they have received is false promises instead of prompt action. Members of the group participating in the satyagraha are of the age group of 60-94 years. Fingers are also being raised against Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, who had assured them on October 1 that the construction activity of the center would begin within two days. We also spoke with the President of the association, P M Maggu. Ironically, just how concerned authorities are for truly providing amenities to residents is exposed at this HDFC Std. Life Insurance office situated at Sector 9, Vashi. This plot was allotted to Nensee for a day care center and later sold off by the owner in connivance with CIDCO and NMMC to HDFC for commercial exploitation of the building. But on the other hand, the same authorities neglect the senior citizens. And may be that is why the bottled frustration and disgust for authorities and leaders was penned by these senior citizens by way of poetry. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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