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Serial bomb blasts in Mumbai is Home Minister R R Patil’s failure – say critics

In the backdrop of the 13/7 serial blasts, the question that has once again come to everyone’s mind is that how important and seriously the Home Ministry is taking the security situation in the state. With R R Patil at the realm of affairs at the Home Ministry, and with two terror attacks in his tenure since 2008, it is definitely a grim picture. The most important question is how concerned R R Patil is about the security of the state as the Home Minister amidst his other responsibilities, being a politician. What had R R Patil delivered in the last three years except truing to master the art of image building, steering away from controversies. How long will Home Minister R R Patil able to retain his post as the Home Minister when security and safety of the citizens of the state is gone for a toss. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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