tatoo-2Tattooing has a solid grassroots foundation in human culture from the past 10,000 years. Even still, tribal tattoos are known to show off the social status of an individual. In the recent years, Tattooing has become so popular and socially accepted that it has become highly marketable. Clients are coming into tattoo shops better prepared with tattoo designs and ideas. Our special feature today is on the trend of tattoo and how it has become the most in thing amongst the people. Earlier, tattoo designs were just limited to certain group or class of population. But there is a considerable change in the mindset of the present generation. Overall, the tattooing world is in a good place and seems to be getting better. New generations of tattooists are coming up and creating some really impressive tattoos. The first thing to realize when it comes to getting a tattoo is that it will be a permanent skin mark that will stay with you the rest of your life, it often helps if it relates to you more personally. What is this moment of remembrance about? Tattoos can be about anything but really they are about you. And if you are all set to getting a tattoo art on your skin, selecting the right Tattoo parlor or a studio is the initial and the most critical step you need to take. The most important issue is to check if the parlor is hygienic and the one that does it for you is a professional. One of such professional studios in the satellite city is Witch Arts Studio based in Seawoods. Mini Sharma who owns the studio with her sister Neeta Sharma says that it is very important to make sure that hygiene is followed. Both from Rajasthan, the duo sisters used to do window display paintings and started tattoo designing three year back. Neeta says that they make sure their client is comfortable during the entire process. The trend is mostly seen in teenagers with the girls going for designs like butterflies, angels and males going for some tribal outlays. So how does the entire process work. Mini explains that usually before beginning a print of the design is taken out and traced out on the selected body part before etching it out with the drill. For hygiene, it is made sure that the needle is opened in front of the client and sometimes disposal tips or grips are also used. The most common question – does it pain. It is said to be a mild pain or rather an irritation feeling of something vibrating. After the tattoo designing is done there are some precautions that need to be followed or else side effects can be faced. WHAT YOU MUST DO BEFORE GETTING YOURSELF TATTOOED! 1. Research on the various types of tattoo design before heading to the tattoo studio 2. Select the colors and appropriate design that will match your skin tone, while still being able to grab attention and make you look attractive 3. Never ever rush into deciding the type of tattoo design and matching color scheme 4. Always hire a professional tattoo artist! Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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