First Wadhwa, the Popkorn and Platinum and now Sunil Pannalal Banthia, one after the plots named in the Shankaran Committee are getting the relief from the Supreme Court. This definitely has created doubts about the standing of the Shankaran Committee report and to a large extent even the state government. Here is an update. It began with the relief to Wadhwa’s prestigious project on Palm Beach Road, followed by Popkorn Entertainment and Platinum Entertainment and now Sunil Pannalal Banthia that won the case against CIDCO in Supreme Court. Sunil Pannalal Banthia was allotted a plot by CIDCO at plot no.1, sector 9, Panvel. On payment of Rs. 2, 12, 24, 750/-, CIDCO permitted the owner to begin construction with a CC. However, on nearing construction upto the 1st floor, CIDCO issued a show cause notice and later a cancellation notice to the plot after it was named in the Shankaran Committee report. When the High Court refused to accept the writ petition, the appellants knocked the doors of the Supreme Court and like their troubled predecessors in similar cases, was granted relief by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court pointed out that it was not open to CIDCO to take a unilateral decision on the ground that the appellants had acted out of jurisdiction or violated any rules or regulations. The Court said that CIDCO’s arguments on that front was unacceptable as CIDCO’s own regulation permits it to allot plot on individual basis as well. The court added that it failed to see why CIDCO questioned the allotment as being opposed to public policy. CIDCO’s shame in the court continued as the Court pointed out that the decision of allotment and payments were all made by CIDCO and duly abided by the appellant and hence none of CIDCO’s arguments based on the Shankaran Committee held any value in court. It may be recalled that earlier during the hearing of Popkorn Entertainment and Platinum Entertainment, it was pointed that the Sankaran Committee report was a preliminary report and not a conclusive report. This was submitted to the court none other than the Advocate General of Maharashtra. And so, in the case of Sunil Pannalal Bhatia, the court squashed the cancellation orders of CIDCO. This once again brings into focus, how the Supreme Court had expunged the remarks made against the former CM Sushil Kumar Shinde and former CIDCO MD Vinay Mohan Lal. And this is the third case where the SC has given relief to the builders from cancellation of plots. If everything stated in the Sankaran Committee report is being falsified by all these judgments and enquiries, then it mocks on the very base of the D K Sankaran Committee report. Unfortunately, D K Sankaran is the CS of Maharashtra state and despite being little doubt about the intelligence and rationality of the report but it remains a fact that the state could not prove the authenticity of its own committee’s report, putting a question mark on credibility D K Shankaran Committee report. Our CRM posed the same question to CM VRD during his recent. BYTE

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