panvel-2Although the Panvel constituency is known as the fort of the Peasants and Workers Party, this time it has to face a fierce battle from Congress’ Ramseth Thakur, who was once a partyman of the PWP. We bring to you a political analysis of the elections held in the Panvel constituency. The voting percentage of the Panvel constituency was 60%, the major voting done by the rural areas. The reason why the Peasants and Workers party are confident of their victory. Even political analysis say that in these areas the “Money Factor” failed to work, boosting the PWP’s confidence. Even in the Panchayat committee, zilla parishad or Lok Sabha and, it is always the PWP party which gets the lead from this region. One of the close political observers of the region points out that edge that PWP has because of the higher voter turnout in Panvel constituency’s rural areas as compared to the city setup. A significant factor which might work in favor of the PWP party is the party’s stance against the forceful acquisition of farmers land under SEZ. With two SEZs cming in this regions, farmers had opposed it. With NCP-Congress combine both rulling Centre and State, there was a feeling amongst agitated farmers to vote against the Congress. This has resulted in the higher turn out in the votes of rural areas. Even political rallies held by senior Congress leaders in Panvel failed to address this issue of the farmers and could not even give a satisfactory explanation over SEZ and land acquisition. Hence, high turnout of farmers in rural areas and low turnout in urban areas of Panvel and Uran may tilt the elections in favor of the PWP elections. The only factor which may favor the congress is the turnout of urban voters and the anti-incumbancy factor. A look at the voting percentage of the city areas in Panvel constituency shows that there has been 45% in New Panvel, 57% in Old Panvel and 68% in Kamothe. And perhaps that none of these city areas combined average voting percentage touched 50% could be worrisome for the Congress. Everyone knows that the battle for Panvel and Uran constituency has become a matter of prestige for the PWP and the Congress both. With the former being confident of a victory. So finally if political analysis are to be believed then the winning margin of the Panvel constituency could be anywhere between 5-10000 votes while in all its probability the PWP will sweep the Uran constituency with a victory margin surpassing 20000. In all, the SEZ issue and the high turnout of voters in rural areas may tilt the election in favor of the PWP party. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News. While for Panvel constituency’s city settlement areas, progress and development projects on the lines of Navi Mumbai is being termed as a deciding factor for choosing the candidate, for rural side of this constituency, SEZ is the single biggest burning issue. Going by the voting percentage of the city against the rural settlements it wouldn’t be less than a miracle for the Congress to de-throne the reigning PWP not just in the Panvel but Uran constituency as well.

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