vivek-patil-3In the Uran constituency, as was predicted by NMTV, PWP’s Vivek Patil won his fourth election from Uran. He beat his nearest poll rival Shyam Mhatre with a huge margin of 20503 votes. The Uran constituency was formed, post the delimitation of the Panvel constituency. For this years state assembly elections, Sena-BJP-RPI-PWP alliance candidate Vivek Patil stood for the elections contesting against Congress-NCP’s Shyam Mhatre. Vivek patil was contesting for the fourth time for the post of MLA. It was advantage for Vivek Patil from the beginning as PWP had been the ruling party in Panvel and Uran for the last 50 years. Having a good rapport with the general masses, Vivek Patil took up issues concerning rural Uran like that of the fishermen and the PAPs. The biggest issued however that he supported and could be called the cause of his victory was his stance against SEZ. Vivek Patil defeated Congress’ Shyam Mhatre by 20503 votes. Plus Congress had fielded a lesser known candidate because of which Patil’s victory was very much expected. Vivek Patil had assured that if elected he would convert Uran from a rural area to an urban city. and while the rural votes and SEZ issues did not work in Panvel constituency for the PWP, it led to a thumping victory of the PWP in the Uran constituency.

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