mumbaiartist1The Mumbai terror attacks seem to have shaken the city’s artists and painters from their blissful lives, with many deciding to dedicate their works to the victims of the 26/11 tragedy. An exhibition was held at Jahangir Art Gallery, proceeds of which would be donated to the victims. A collection of paintings of around 38 artists was recently put up for exhibition at the Jahangir Art Gallery. The exhibition was dedicated to the victims of the mayhem in Mumbai. The proceeds of the paintings will be donated to Mumbai Police to help them modernize the force and prevent similar tragedies hitting their personnel in future. One of the organizers of the exhibition who is also an artist Raghu Neware informed that they have so far collected Rs 2 lakhs while they expect to collect around Rs 5 lakhs in the near future. The paintings even attracted a huge crowd of people. The endeavour inspired the gallery authorities and the artists to have a repeat show with bigger names and more paintings, with publicity to attract more viewers and buyers. The repeat show will be held at the gallery mid-January. Ajaz Khan – NMTV News.

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