santanu1We always see professionals sticking to their busy schedules and seldom having time for their personal interests. But the story is different for 39 year old Belapur resident Shantanu Mallick. A doctor by profession, he is also passionate about music is primarily interested into composing music. Shatanu Mallick lives a dual life. Along with practicing as an anesthetist at MGM hospital, he has also passionate about music. Mallick a resident of Belapur, came here from Kolkata in 1997. According to him, he wanted to be a music composer and that passion drove him to Mumbai. Shantanu had keen interest in music since childhood. In first love in was tabla. A fan of R D Burman, Shantanu has a family history of profound music enthusiasts. His first album Tanhayee was a tribute to a girl who succumbed to AIDS. The song that portrayed the girl’s pain and loneliness was sung by eminent singer Sadhna Sargam. Shantanu makes sure that he balances his time between his profession and his first love. And what better what to mix the two passions of his life than to play music for his patients. Shantanu’s partner is music is his lyricist Zaheer Shaikh. Well we wish the partners touch new horizons in world of music. Vrushali Chitre – NMTV News.

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