The APMC vendors’ woes have intensified against the APMC authorities after the collapsing of a shed in the market perishing fruits which are now are left open in the heat of the summer. It has been three months now and the shed at APMC market has not yet been repaired. Despite the fact that the fruits especially grapes are perishing, the APMC authorities do not seem to be very much concerned with the vendors losses. The fruits are perishing due to the heat and the shed has not been repaired by the authorities. It has become really difficult for the traders to work under the hot sun along with the fruits. The vendors who run their daily business on stalls say that they have no option but to work under such circumstances as their livelihood depend on it. The heat damage has forced the vendors to sell fruits at a low cost. With the heat of this summer being felt everywhere in the city, it is necessary that the APMC authorities listen to the concern of the vendors who are already reeling under various other issues. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Jayanti Bamne for Navi Mumbai News.


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