mcgm-shivsena--2The Shiv Sena has now trained its guns on Maharashtra Governor K Sankaranarayanan for his “Mumbai for all” remark. “These rubber stamp white elephants” should not be “sticking their noses anywhere”, the party said. In a sharp editorial in party mouthpiece “Saamna”, the Shiv Sena said, “Governors are in decorative but dangerous posts.” “These rubber stamp white elephants have to be borne for years at taxpayers’ expense. They should not be sticking their noses anywhere. What was the need for him to speak for outsiders?” it asked. The party ire was directed at Sankaranarayanan’s statements before a media gathering that Mumbai was for all and anybody could come, live and work in the city. Accusing the governor of “treachery”, the editorial claimed that the present sad state of Mumbai was only because of migrants. The editorial challenged the governor to get himself appointed in Jammu and Kashmir and invite people from all over India to come and settle there.

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