A morcha was held by the Shiv Sainiks at Vashi ration office for the non availability and low quality tur dal that is being made available at ration shops. The shiv sainiks expressed their anger by locking the doors of the ration office. A morcha was held at Vashi ration office by Shiv Sena which was headed by corporator Vijay Mane. The morcha was conducted against the non-availability of tur dal at ration shops where the agitated workers locked the doors of the Vashi ration office. After the hike in tur dal prices which had also reached to rupees 100 per kg. The state had to provide tur dal at ration shops so that poor people may be able to purchase it at cheaper rate. But later on it was observed that tur dal was not available at many ration shops. Similarly, in Navi Mumbai, the amount of tur dal supplied is very less compared to number of consumers. According to corporator Vijay Mane, out of 80 ration shops only 14 shops have been supplied tur dal and most of the people are yet to get this benefit. Moreover the quality of tur dal supplied to the ration shops is also of low quality, he alleged. We also spoke to Chaya Palve, rationing inspector, Vashi ration office, who while refrained from speaking on the morcha said that within two days dal will be available at all ration shops. With camerperson Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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