shivram-patil-3Corporator Shivram Patil made a rather startling expose on poor quality work done by NMMC at Sector 15 and 16 of Koperkhairane when a proposal to build a heavy duty RCC gutter came for approval at the weekly standing committee meeting. However, when NMTV News investigated his allegations, there seems to be reason to believe that Shivram Patil himself is responsible for the wastage of public funds. We tell you how with this report. This week’s standing committee meeting saw Shivram Patil making an expose of the inferior quality of work done by NMMC that often results in wastage of public funds. The expose was made when a proposal to construct heavy-duty RCC gutters in Sector 15 and 16 of Koperkhairane for Rs. 1 Crore 43 Lakhs 79 Thousand 171 was placed before the Standing Committee. Shivram Patil objected to the proposal asking the administration to inform members the life of heavy-duty RCC gutters. City Engineer who was initially dodging the question, later confessed that in the case of this proposal, the life span ranges from 25 to 30 years. It was after this, Shivram Patil made a rather shocking expose by stating that heavy duty RCC gutter work in the same area in Koperkhairane was done in December 2004. And the administration has brought the proposal to do the same work again within 5 years of the civic work. Even when the Standing Committee Chairman explained that there was an urgent need to carry out the work, Shivram Patil objected to it. Speaking to NMTV News, Shivram Patil informed that in December 2004, NMMC had done the same work for Rs. 50 lacs. He accused this as wastage of public funds. He further accused massive corruption in the work being undertaken. However, when NMTV News investigated the issue we found out that the poor quality of work done to make gutters in Sector 15 and 16 of Koperkhairane was done when Shivram Patil himself was corporator of the ward. The present local Corporator of the area Rupali Sanas says that the work is urgently needed as the present condition of gutters are very bad and with a school on one side and chawls on the other, the condition is becoming an issue of hygiene as well. She added that the work is being done post the Commissioner visit to the spot. On the allegation of corruption, the corporator says that Shivram Patil would know it better because at that time he was the corporator of the area. She added that the allegation is a part of election gimmick by opposition. Locals who spoke to NMTV News reiterated the need of the work and voiced disapproval over Shivram Patil’s objections in the weekly standing committee meet. This case is a perfect example of how corporators often ignore and neglect the concerns that are often raised about wastage of public funds and make foolish statements that makes a mockery of them being public representatives. With Monika Bhosale, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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