In a shocking expose a NCP party worker of Turbhe stores has alleged that a Congress AB form was sold to him by a candidate that Congress wanted to field in the ward. What’s more shocking this candidate, who allegedly sold the Congress AB form is contesting from Shiv Sena ticket. Until now there were reports on how the Congress had done injustice to loyal party workers and arbitrarily chosen candidates to contest the elections. The allegations seem to be coming true as has been exposed in a shocking case in Turbhe stores 2 – ward no. 42. According to Anwar Shaikh – a NCP party worker of Turbhe Stores, he allegedly bought the Congress AB from Santosh Jadhav – who happens to be the Shiv Sena candidate of the ward. Since the NCP has the Congress AB form, Congress is not contesting from here. For those who do not know, the AB form is a form given to candidates from recognized political parties that certifies them as the authorized candidate of the party. That means in this case, according to the allegations the Navi Mumbai Congress had offered the official candidature of the Congress in Turbhe Stores to the Shiv Sena candidate Santosh Jadhav. What’s shocking is that Santosh Jadhav accepts that he took the Congress AB form thinking that this would remove one competitor from the race in municipal elections and the contest would be between NCP and Shiv Sena. Exposing more about the Congress’s weak conditions in Navi Mumbai, Santosh says that he was already declared as the official Shiv Sena candidate of the ward but still Congress offered him the candidature hoping that Santosh would defect from the Shiv Sena to the Congress. Santosh however denied that he sold the form and gave the excuse of misplacing it from his home. The official NCP candidate of the ward Suresh Kulkarni speaks about the importance of the AB form and the Congress should have understood how the form was being misused. While these allegations are embarrassing enough for the Congress, there are staunch party workers who allege injustice in candidate selection. We spoke to some Congress party workers who said that candidate selection was source of business for Sr. Congress leaders in Navi Mumbai. Where on one hand there are allegations that Congress was selling AB forms to other party candidates, on the hand loyal Congress party workers were denied tickets exposing how the candidate selection was source of business for Sr. Congress leaders in Navi Mumbai. Congress party worker Ravindra Sawant says that even in his ward the Congress candidature was given to one Krishna Pujari who runs a bar and who had also given an interview for ticket to NCP. Sighting the example of Sagar Naik’s unopposed victory, he said that Navi Mumbai Congress District Chief Namdeo Bhagat was responsible for selecting a candidate in that ward who withdrew his nominations. Even in the case of Turbhe Stores, he said that Santosh Jadhav took the official candidature of both Shiv Sena and Congress and finally is fighting from Shiv Sena, which means a Congress ticket wasted. Another party worker of the Congress Pushpa Jain said that Congress AB forms were allegedly illegally sold even at Chandu Rane’s office and at Poonam Towers at Nerul. Making another serious allegation she said that Congress candidate Krishna Pujari has accepted that he paid the Congress to get candidature. On the other hand, making serious allegations against Navi Mumbai Congress District Chief, Ravindra Sawnat said that Namdeo Bhagat has made it a Pvt. Ltd. Company and has given candidature to five persons of his own family. It may be recalled that even sitting corporator Shashikala Kale had alleged a conspiracy that led to Ankush Bhagat getting the official candidature from her ward in Airoli. Namdeo Bhagat was attacking TGM Ganesh Naik for dynastic politics but failed to set an ideal example when he gave candidature to five persons of his family that include his wife Indumati Bhagat, wife’s brother Kishore Patil, his son-in-law’s elder brother Amit Patil and his own brother Ankush Bhagat. It is really unfortunate that when he got a chance to do justice, Navi Mumbai Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat failed Congress party workers. With bureau inputs, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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