palm-beach-Towers on Palm Beach Road and the violations made by them in terms of encroachments and fire safety violations are continuously being reported by NMTV. Now City journalist Jayesh Samant has written an article on this that has left one former Commissioner of NMMC sweating. That’s because in the article he has written that this former Commissioner is partner with builders in projects on Palm Beach Road and that is why instead of taking action, NMMC is allegedly shielding the violators. If danger and threat to life were the earlier terms to describe the consequences of violations by towers on Palm Beach Road, then the word that will be used now will be stink – the stink of corruption. NMTV News has been continuously bringing to you reports on these violations by high rises on Palm Beach Road. Now a new expose in this case has been made by city journalist Jayesh Samant. In his latest article, he has written about a nexus between a former Commissioner and particulars builders. He has brought to fore how FSI theft of high rises on Palm Beach Road is as high as 1 to 1.5 FSI and despite the huge difference between the plans shown while acquiring Commencement Certificate from the NMMC Town Planning Office and the actual project constructed at the site, yet the NMMC Town Planning Office has granted Occupancy Certificate to these buildings. It may be recalled that the Standing Committee had taken up this issue with the new Commissioner. Following this, the NMMC Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede has set up an enquiry committee comprising of officials of Town Planning Office who will submit a report on the violations by high rises on Palm Beach Road to the Commissioner. We caught up with Jayesh Samant to know more about this expose. Jayesh Samant says that FSI theft happen only when officials of Town Planning favour builders. He however voiced disappointed that the new Commissioner had given the responsibility of investigating the matter to officials accused of being a part of the nexus. Jayesh Samant pointed out that despite utilizing upto 2.5 FSI illegally, NMMC has not taken action them. The scribe says that if the Palm Beach high rises violations are studied, the scam could be bigger than the Adarsh scam. The shocker in the expose made by Jayesh Samant that has created ruffles in the NMMC administration is the involvement of a former Commissioner in the nexus with builders on Palm Beach Road. According to him, one Commissioner who shared great rapport with builders helped these builders get Occupancy Certificates despite violations and encroachment. If the nexus between builders of Palm Beach Road high rises goes up to the level of a Commissioner, then only an independent state enquiry can nail the culprits and violations. This can happen only if the Standing Committee and General Body continue to take up the issue with the administration. When we tried to contact NMMC Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede he said that he needed time before speaking to us on the issue. The continuous expose being made on the level of corruption and violations on Palm Beach Road, calls for immediate action. If the violators are not booked, it will set a wrong precedent for all builders to blatantly form a corrupt nexus with NMMC officials for monetary benefits at the cost of the life and property of innocent citizens. With bureau inputs, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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