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Shooting at a Sikh temple killing 6 and wounding many, shocks and horrifies residents in Wisconsin

Just after the shooting at Aurora, Colorado where James Holmes had opened fire inside a theatre, Americans once again witness the case of psycho killing. This time the shooting had been carried out at a Sikh temple where a man opened fire at the people inside the temple, on Sunday. The incident resulted in the death of six people and many were listed as critical.

The psycho killer was identified as Wade Michael Page 40, an army veteran who had left military in 1998. Somebody from inside the temple managed to call 911, which reached the spot within few minutes. One of the cop who had reached the spot before the others could, saw one of the victim lying in the parking lot and as soon as he got to help him, he came face to face with the shooter who shot the cop immediately 6-7 times from a close range. The cop has been identified as Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, and is said to be in critical condition. As soon as the other cops arrived they demanded the shooter to drop his gun. But not only did Wade disobey their warning he also started firing at their vehicles and it was then when one of the cop shot Wade down.

First Aurora and now Wisconsin shooting, both incidents have left the Americans horrified and completely unsafe. The fact that shooting can be carried out anywhere and anytime has become as the most disturbing fact both for the people and for the law. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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