What is the news that causes maximum stir? What happened in your neighborhood when you were away at work? What has become better or what needs the authorities’ attention? What are the problems that make the ever changing scenario of the city, more vulnerable, or stronger? Join NMTV News (English), NMTV Samachar (Hindi) and NMTV Batmipatra (Marathi) every night at on NMTV 24×7 to find out all the big stories and reports that made headlines from your neighborhood.


Zeba Warsia leads sessions of straight talk with students, grills politicians and gets newsmakers talking on a topic of current interest. Be it the election battle in the political corridors of power, or the environment conservation, be it the latest war between morality per se and all that’s modern…the talk is straight !


Good News is an oasis of uplifting, affirming, value-oriented programming dedicated to celebrating life through a Biblical worldview. The station partners with churches and ministries across the city to serve and become an instrumental catalyst in their mandate to reach, build and challenge the Christian community. All programming is subject to the Statement of Faith, License conditions and the organization’s Code of Ethics.


Kidsmart is your channel’s initiative to discover new talents, help children explore their creative abilities and make television a platform for them to exhibit their innovative and talent qualities. The shows include health check up, General Knowledge Test, personality development and grueling sessions with experts.


The DAV Hour is special weekend programming dedicated to the events, conferences, annual days, sports day, results and every initiative of the DAV Group. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. K B Kushal – the Regional Director of DAV Group of Schools in Maharashtra and Gujarat, DAV institutes in the western region have redefined the very concept of quality education through continuous innovation and creativity. The DAV Hour gives public platform to the DAV initiatives and also gives talents and geniuses in children the right exposure for encouraging and inspiring them to do better.


The Lions Clubs International, the World’s largest voluntary service club organisation exists to serve anyone and everyone in the community in times of need. Lions are ‘ordinary’ men and women who volunteer their time to humanitarian causes in their local and global communities. It is to give mileage and deserving media limelight to the work of Lions Club that the channel gives airtime to the work of Lions Club.

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