signature-camp-1A signature campaign was held at the Vashi railway station by the students of various colleges demanding the release of the Indian National Vikram Buddhi. It maybe recalled that Vikram has been imprisoned for the last two years in America. Vikram Buddhi has been languishing in an American jail since April 2006. He was doing his PhD course in Mathematics at Purdue University, USA. In April 2006, he was picked up on the charges of sending an online threat to US leaders through a website. Despite claiming to be innocent, he has been in jail for the last two years. His family is residing in India and still hopeful that the US police might soon release Vikram. Supporting Vikram’s parents, a signature campaign was launched at Vashi railway station by the students of various colleges of the city, requesting the new President of USA, Barack Obama to release this young boy soon. They will be collecting maximum signatures from all the students as well as the citizens. Many citizens have already joined the campaign and the signed copy will be sent to the USA to the concerned leaders. It may be recalled that a similar situation happened in case of Kenneth Haywood, a US National who was charged of sending a threatening email regarding the Ahmedabad blasts last year. However, he was allowed to go following certain investigations. And while nothing has been proven against Vikram, he has not been released nor has the government taken any initiative for his release. This signature campaign is a hope for his parents and the city that Vikran Buddhi returns back home safely. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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