sikh-3We normally celebrate New Year by partying at pubs and discotheques. But the Sikh youths gave a new meaning to New Year with a sacred gist as the community conducted special religious programmes on the occasion of New Year. New Year celebrations are all set to have a sacred flavor. Steering away from the western form of merry making, communities are conducting New Year celebration as per their culture and tradition. Standing apart from the others is the Sikh community. The community has been organizing special religious programme on the eve of New Year. At the strike of midnight when the New Year arrives, the members celebrate the occasion with kirtans and sermons. This celebration is named as Rain Sabai Kirtan where the members welcome New Year by listening to words of God shared by the saints. The celebration is mainly held by the youths of the community. According to them instead of celebrating the New Year by attending parties or pubs it would be great to welcome the year with the name of God. We also spoke to the senior citizens who gave us more insight about the celebration. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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