six-firemen-1Six firefighters working with the city fire services died due to suffocation after they got stuck in a lift in a housing complex, where they had gone to put out a blaze in the wee hours of Sunday. In a gruesome Diwali tragedy, six firemen suffocated to death after they battled a blaze in a multi-storied building on Sunday. The victims suffocated due to toxic fumes which engulfed the lift of the 14-storey building in which they were returning after dousing fire, Thane Chief Fire Officer Vijay Vaidya said. After they successfully doused the fire on the terrace of the building, they got trapped in the lift and choked in the fumes that may have accumulated there. All those dead were from the Wagle Estate Fire Brigade and had answered an emergency call around 4.30 a.m. on the top floor of the 14-storied Punarvasu Building in the posh Tarangan Complex. Vaidya said it was the second fire call from the same building in less than four hours as people were bursting Diwali crackers. After the firemen brought the blaze under control, they were returning from the lift “when the horrible tragedy occurred. There were no other casualties and a probe has been ordered into the incident. From Thane, Manoj Singh for NMTV News.

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