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Slab falling incidents now reported from MGM Complex at sector 14, Vashi

Reports of slab falling incidents are now being reported from the landmark buildings of Sector 14, Vashi – the MGM Complex. Built by CIDCO for the LIG group people, the buildings are reeling under dilapidated conditions.

Slab fall incidents in dilapidated CIDCO homes continue to be reported in the city. This time worries are being echoed by residents living in the landmark buildings of Sector 14, Vashi – the MGM Complex. The MGM Complex were built by CIDCO in 1992 for people hailing from lower income group. However, it’s not even been 20 years to the construction and it is already reeling under dilapidated conditions. This came to the fore when a part of the slab of a kitchen collapsed in Building no. C 38. Fortunately no was injured in the incident. Geeta Shah – the resident said that call it her luck that a few second before the incident she left the kitchen to go to her bedroom.

She voiced fear over the conditions of the CIDCO constructed poor quality buildings in MGM Complex. Prior to this case, another slab falling incident was reported from Someshwar Society within MGM Complex where one boy was injured. These residents now fear living in these dilapidated apartments. Local NCP party worker Prakash More said that the buildings of MGM Complex built in 1992 are reeling under dilapidated conditions due to the sub standard construction done by CIDCO. With this report of MGM Complex, the saga of the fears of residents living in dilapidated CIDCO homes continues. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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