The night school at St. Mary’s School in Vashi celebrated its annual day function. This annual day function was quite different from the many other school annual days as this one was of those students who live an underprivileged life but with the efforts of the school management today have the opportunity to go to school and learn. St Mary’s Multipurpose High School and Junior College at Vashi has been for the last five years has made a social commitment of educating the underprivileged by running a night school in its school premises. The school provided these children a building to match any corporate establishment with modern classrooms, books, snacks and uniforms. Starting with just 60 students initially, the school now boasts of more than 200 enrolments. These students who could hardly understand English are speaking the language today with utmost ease courtesy the teaching staff. Like any other mainstream school, the students of this night school too celebrated their annual day with all the fanfair. The students dressed in their costumes, sand, danced and performed skits on the theme – Jeena Isika naam Hai. Present to boost the morale of these little children were Ex-Mayor Anjani Bhoir, NMMC Education officer Balasaheb Mane, MD of St .Mary’s Institutions Arch Bishop Gee Varghese Mar Coorilos and the man behind the night school for underprivileged, Principal Fr Joseph Abraham. The students were given prizes for academics and sports by the hands of the Chief Guest. Arch Bishop Gee Varghese Mar Coorilos who said that there has been a remarkable change in the children. Parents of these underprivileged children are more than a happy lot. With cameraman Vinayak Dalvi Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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