snakeAll hell broke loose in Thane after a cobra was spotted at Kolsheth situated Airforce locality. Snake charmer expert Tushar Kumavat caught the snake. Tushar trains air force officials and employees on how to catch snakes. Speaking to the media, Tushar informed that this particular cobra was very poisonous and its bite would lead to immediate death of the victim. One should not treat snakes as enemies. It will only bite if you step on it or put your hand on it, only in self-defence. And even if the most venomous of snakes bites you, it does not mean that you will die. In houses, the most convenient place they find to hide is underneath the trunks, beneath the bed, canisters, behind cylinders and at other dark and cool places. It is to create awareness on this that snake charmers like Tushar advise people to not kill snakes out of fear. In case of a snake bite, self-help is the key. Here is a look at the dos and donts. … DO’s * Wash the wound immediately with water, if possible mixed with dettol or soap. Don’t squeeze. The wound will not be big. It will be two nail-puncture marks. * Take a thick piece of cloth, tie it a little above the elbow and leave the wound open. Rubber, electric cable or nylon string should not be used to make a torque. * While tying dupatta, apply bearable pressure (not too tight nor loose). Very tight torque may end up inflicting gangrene. Every 10 minutes, loosen the torque for three to five seconds. DON’Ts * No pain killers. * No alcoholic drinks or any substance which might stimulate blood circulation. * No suction with mouth * No physical activity, such as walking or high-pitch talking. A person should be made to sit till he reaches the hospital. * Don’t kill the snake. * No Indian snake can cause instant death. Death takes place due to shock. CURE: ANTI-VENOM SERUM.

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