mcgm3MCGM Commissioner Dr. Jairaj Pathak has said that the civic body would not lift its 15% water cut till the time, lakes in the city overflow. The MCGM Commissioner Dr. Jairaj Pathak informed that the Modak Sagar dam overflows only when it rains 1000 MLD, which has not been experienced for the last few days. He further informed that when water flows from the mountains it directly goes to Modak Sagar and not the Upper Vaitarna and Lower Vaitarna. He explained that water is taken from the overflowing Modak Sagar to Bhatsa dam and then supplied to the city. However, till the time, the lakes are not overflowing, they will not lift their 15% water cut. While the city waterfalls are in abundance, it does not have adequate capacity for providing sufficient water supply to the city. Hence, MCGM would be continuing its plan for artificial rains. Speaking to the media, MCGM Additional Commissioner Anil Diggikar informed that for artificial rain would be done at a cost of Rs 4 crore. He further stressed that renting out the radars instead of purchasing would be beneficial for the corporation as the maintenance of the radars would lie with the company itself. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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