STATE TO SEEK CENTRAL FUNDS FOR WATER WOES Water scarcity throughout Maharashtra is taking on menacing proportions, adding to the worries of the state government. Last week, the state government had identified 129 of the state’s 355 talukas as facing “a severe water-scarcity situation”. The state government-to deal with the grim situation-announced that it would provide Rs 100 crore to Rs 200 crore to each area to bolster supply of drinking water and shore up fodder depots. The decision followed a cabinet meeting. The Centre will be briefed about the drought-like situation in the state. The state will, accordingly, demand monetary help from the Centre, said CM Ashok Chavan. DEMAND OF OBC MUSLIMS In a press conference held at Marathi press club, national president of Muslim All Backward Classes organization Haji Shaukat Ali stated that, many migrants have been staying in Mumbai for last 60 years who are engaged either in business or employment and have been given the domicile certificate. Therefore, he demanded that certificate should be given to OBC muslims as well.


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