mumbai-snippets-2THE PROCEDURES FOR RECYCLING OF WATER STARTED IN MUMBAI Stressing on recycling of water, MCGM has already started its procedure in Ghatkoper. One such recycling of water was done by the cleaning of wells. Before the water was brought into use, it was officially inaugurated by MCGM Commissioner Swadheen Kshatriya. The municipal commissioner informed that various meetings were being held to promote recycling of water. Speaking on the recycling being done in Shengapur region, he said that not a single drop of water was released in the sea in this region but recycled and reused. Following their footsteps, MCGM has also started its procedure beginning from Ghatkoper. With cameraperson Deepak, Hansraj Kanojia for NMTV News. MCGM PREPARING PLANS TO SOLVE WATER PROBLEMS FOR COMING 25 YEARS To tackle its issue of water crisis, this year’s annual budget of MCGM focuses on the speedy development of water projects. One of the water project is the Middle Vaitarna dam project. While speaking to the media, MCGM Commissioner Swadheen Kshatriya said that this plan should have been put into action long time back in the year 1992-93, when Dr. Madhav Chitle Committee’s Report was tabled. However lack of interest by former officials at MCGM has led to a situation like this, he said. With cameraperson Deepak, Hansraj Kanojia for NMTV News. MCGM TO DESALINATE WATER Another step taken by MCGM to tackle water crisis is to desalinate sea water through a new technology. MCGM is in the process of developing the plant to desalinate seawater. Shores of the sea are being used to set up the Desalination plant. The civic body is hoping that like in Chennai, the Centre will also aid the municipal corporation for the setting up of the plant. With cameraperson Deepak. Hansraj Kanojia for NMTV News. MAHARASHTRA’S TEACHER EMPLOYEES ARE SITTING AT AZAD MAIDAN ON HUNGER STRIKE SINCE MONDAY The Maharashtra Teacher’s Employees Union have demanded form the state to implement the 6th Pay Commission and have threatened to set themselves ablaze if their demands are not met. The association has been running 10 Primary and 6 Secondary Schools for the past 13 years across Maharashtra but the state has failed to provide them with facilities and amenities. With cameraperson Deepak, Hansraj Kanojia for NMTV News.


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