MPCC Spokesperson Hussain Dalvai was present while filing a petition to TMC commissioner about various civic issues in areas of Mumbra, Kalwa and Kausa. During the meet, he did not refrain from pointing fingers at Shiv Sena, which had used inflation for its protest outside TMC, calling it a political stunt. Professors Association – an NGO, held a demonstration outside the collector office with their various demands recently. Their protests included Sixth pay commission, categorizing staff and pay salaries as per Chaddha commission and others. 400 professors from Thane district had participated in the demonstration. Poor quality of road work done by TMC was seen when the foot of a youth got stuck in the iron net cover of a gutter at a junction in Thane. The youth was stuck for nearly an hour, in fear of the traffic passing by until the fire fighters arrived to save him. The attack on Samajwadi Jan Parishad leader Shamim Modi and his family in Ahmedabad led to a protest by various organizations in the city. The protest was led by social activist Medha Patkar. They alleged that the Manikpur police was intentionally not leading the case in the right direction and hence failing to arrest the culprits. The Mumbra police has arrested 6 involved in gang-raping a lady who had come with her family to Mumbra from Nanded in search of work. One of the accused is said to be a minor whereas others are criminals on record with the police. The victim was staying with her family in a gala as they could not find any home to stay the night when they arrived in Mumbra.

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