cake3Christmas is just around the corner and it is the season to be jolly. And what better way to make merry than with traditional Christmas delicacies and cakes. Everyone is busy shopping, buying cards, gifts, and decoration materials. Some are busy planning for parties, inviting people and making arrangements. You must have already guessed what this all excitement is about; it is for the arrival of Christmas. Christmas is celebrated in different forms and Christmas cakes are a very tradition and important aspect of celebration. Originally, people ate porridge on the Christmas Eve, prior to the Christmas cakes. It was a dish to line the stomach after a days fasting and the eve observed as Christmas Eve. Later on people started to add spices, dry fruits to the porridge to make the celebration of Christmas more special. Later this special porridge turned into puddings and then finally the Christmas cake arrived. During this season some very mouth-watering and delicious cakes are lined up in cake shops. The most famous and a must-have is the rich Christmas plum cake. Besides this, there are other varieties of cakes made too like chocolate, pineapple, walnut and fruit and nut cakes. Different shapes and forms are also baked with three-layered cakes and snowy scenes or even gardens to make them more beautiful. Since olden times the tradition of baking cakes for Christmas is followed until today. Christmas cake adds to the celebrations of Christmas. Bureau Report NMTV

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