mumbai-handi-3Trained troops of men and women breaking pots during Dahi Handis are so very common. That is why this one was special. For special children broke pots during the Dahi Handi at Thane. Call it the grit of children with disabilities of two special schools at Thane celebrated Dahi Handi in style. Thane resident Vilas Dhamale thought of holding the dahi handi for special children with the only aim of making them a part of one of the most celebrated festivals of the state. The special children’s enthusiasm and response to the program was an indication that the aim of increasing their self pride and confidence was somewhere met in the event. Unlike the routine dahi handi, this one was played for pencils, books, color pencils and other gifts. Where on one side, lakhs are spent in routine dahi handis, involving special children in such festivals is an act that should be appreciated and lauded. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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