Even as the tug of war, for their slice in the special Economic Zone projects in Raigad District, is on, between the managers of the project on one side and the villagers, villagers leader, bureaucrats, police and media on the other, the overall scenario reflects a win win situation for all, though planet earth may bear the brunt. The very villagers who were kept wanting and denied benefits of development through six decades of Indian Independence, have suddenly woken up, instigated by the very leaders responsible for the said denials, to demand their slice of the multi-crore SEZ project in the region. As the leaders continue to arouse the villagers against giving their fertile lands under the garb of development to land grabbing SEZ sharks, the villagers eagerly await announcement of their booty in the whole scheme of things. Villagers, who had no access to good roads, hospitals, schools, social infrastructure, employment and any financial assistance for farming or other allied occupations even 59 years after freedom are suddenly being offered all these, as also cash money in volumes, they never handled before. No villagers in their right senses can ever refuse these. The leaders may provoke them and they too will oblige, till they extract an additional pound of flesh in the bargain. But surely and certainly the villagers cannot afford to miss the booty of development, within their reach now. The leaders are keen to project their political and mass muscle, so as to hike their bargaining stakes. On one hand they will feign negotiations with the authorities and strike a compensation package which is a better than what was on offer, though it will certainly be much below the market projections, on the other hand they will provoke the villagers to, keep agitating for more. Finally, the villagers get better package, the project promoter pay less than half the market price and a fraction on the difference between the market price and the sale price will be lavishly showered in various kinds, on the bureaucrats, media and any other concerned authorities, who can and will not make the right noises about the same. After 60 years of independence, citizens have experienced the ugly faces of economic, social and political slavery of goons of their own country and hence threats to national unity and integrity in the form of an SEZ nation within the present nation, is no concern of the citizen anymore. The Maharashtra Govt has taken the lead to approve new labour laws for SEZ making the existing labour laws invalid in the SEZ region. Legislators and bureaucrats responsible for scrapping the labour laws may have been offered or hopeful of, sugar cubes from the lavish project pie. Hence concern of economic or social slavery may not raise any stink. Patriotism, in any measures is buried under cloaks of development and profit. And hence, it is indeed becomes a win win situation for all expect for nature. This will defy the law of nature, which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is added and so to create something, one has to destroy something, there is no gain without pain. If the SEZ is a win win for all- somebody has to lose in equal, if not larger measure. This loser certainly is planet earth Unchecked, unprecedented development in fertile zones may leave infertile zones as undeveloped regions forever. The fertile lands will be rendered infertile due to urban sewage, dumping and constructions. Thus the nation and ultimately the planet will have no fertile lands left for cultivation. The mountains will have to be plundered for stone and mud for massive construction activity. This could dry up all sources of rivers. The ground water will be heavily contaminated with chemical and domestic waste generated by an ugly urban system. Heavy duty air conditioning and refrigeration, computerization and other electronic gadgets, chemical and plastic products, and extensive use of fuel and petroleum products, will all lead to total air, water land pollution. SEZ’s may consecrate these devils of ecological disaster in particular regions and wreak havoc on other regions. But no one is worried. The short term gains cloud the long-term disasters completely. The damages of radioactivity elements are never visible and camouflaged under evergreen cover. It can devour every living organism on the planet and the physical properties of the planet in particular, which will have an untold impact on the human race, as a whole.

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