koli-1One of the communities that literally survives on the sea and lives through a tough life to get their daily business is that of the fishing community known as the Koli community. Thriving on the business of selling fishes, the community today faces many challenges. Shilpa Suryavanshi spends time with these fishermen and women to know their way of life. While fish is considered as one of the most delicious food, there is a lot that goes into bringing the fish to our table. The fishermen or the fisherfolk roam in trawlers looking for good catch in the heated rays of the sun. Good days are those when they get a good catch while bad days when they have to return home empty pocket. The koli community is the distinct community thriving in our own backyard. In Navi Mumbai, fishing is done at the brook of CBD, Vashi and Panvel. There With their business thriving on the sea, there is a lot that goes in their lives apart from bad business. The single trawler cost them around 30 lakhs, which last for a good 50-60 years. Most of the long distance boats go fishing in Mumbai whereas small boats do reign in the creek. These fishermen barely survive on dried fish and rice gruel when fishing. Some of the fishermen shared about their hard survival and their tough way of life. However, their hard work pays off as the fish market can be seen flooded with fish delicacies like crabs, prawns, clams, mackerels and silver and black pomfret. Even the women folk do not sit behind, their men fish at the sea while they sell the catch at the market. One of the problems that this community faces is the lack of storage system. With no processing plant, cold storage or peeling shed, they are unable to store their fishes. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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