Superstar Shahrukh Khan’s latest co-star in the film Rab ne bana di jodi, Anushka Sharma was finally unveiled to the media. After keeping the media waiting for over 3 hours, Shahrukh khan played the perfect supportive co-star as he held 20-year-old Anushka Sharma’s hand through her first ever press conference. They hugged, they kissed and they posed for the cameras and SRK urged the press to be kind to her. Standing atleast three inches taller than her Rab ne co-star, Anushka opened up to the media haule haule and expressed happiness that her movie is doing well. A gleaming Anushka stated that she was very happy that the film was doing well. The Bangalore model came across as self-assured and later become so comfortable that she even got singing. She sang the hit number haule haule. But as usual, it was SRK who stole the spotlight; not just with his witty one liners but also with his smart retort to his on-going war of words with Aamir khan. And when asked by Anushka to sing along with her he quipped that “If I start singing, they will throw boots at me like George Bush.” SRK also named his young co-star and presented her as ‘ six pack Anushka Sharma.” After all the smiles and applauds, we can only hope that the SRK magic rubs on to this debutante too like it did for his Om Shanti Om girl, Deepika Padukone. Sana Warsia NMTV News.

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