ssc-exam-2Results of SSC and HSC examinations held in the month of October were declared recently. However, the results are worrisome this year. This is because the percentage of the students passing in these exams was very low. This year the result of SSC in the month of October was 18% and that of HSC was 20%. This fall in the rate of students passing in the examinations is bothersome. It must be noted that in the year 2006, 50,286 students appeared for SSC exams in the month of October, while in the year 2007, the number of students was 56,855 and in the year 2008, the number of students was 23,427. From these statistics, it can be concluded that students failing in SSC examinations was less last year. However, this year the number of students appearing for exams in the month of October has doubled to 48,199. But the number of students passing in the October exams are 9,136 students only. We spoke to the Chairman of Secondary and Higher Secondary education. It must also be noted that the amount of students who failed in the HSC exams was also quite high as compared to the last year. This year 32,640 students appeared for HSC exam in the month of October out of which only 6,713 students passed. Even the state’s ATKT option for X std where students could get admission in junior college despite the failure, have seen many students using it. As per the statistics, 1,60,000 SSC students could have taken the benefit of ATKT. But only 25000 students appeared for the ATKT examination. Principal at Sainath Secondary School, Vashi blames mis-communication from the state to schools for the less percentage. At the same time one of the teachers at Sainath school explained that now a days, inclination of students towards studies has reduced as compared to earlier times. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.


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