standing-committee-2Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik reprimanded the administration for doing loose talk ignoring the dogs menace in the city. He sent back the sterilization center proposal asking the administration to present the proposal before the general body with a detailed report of the contractor’s performance. Every citizen in the city is aware of the worsening dogs menace in the city with the numbers of stray dogs continuously rising exposing the failure of NMMC’s sterilization drive. But the NMMC administration seemed to take the issue a little too lightly that irked the members during the weekly Standing Committee meet. Not only did the official in charge of the department giving unconvincing replies to queries but also seemed to be giving wrong information. Member Namdeo Bhagat suggested that the administration advertise for more competitive contractors for the job and study the dog sterilization programs in other cities. The officer’s response to this irked Namdeo Bhagat. J D Sutar said that the NMMC’s sterilization drive was suspicious as the number of dogs has been increasing in every ward. Shivram Patil too backed J D Sutar’s apprehensions about the drive by stating that if the contractor’s work was audited it might just expose another encroachment drive. He added that there was need to do the audit of the NMMC Health Dept. because contractors of the dept have not changed for over a decade. Though the official replying to the queries gave numbers of the dogs caught and sterilized, Ravindra Ithape said that he and other corporators had never seen vehicles for catching dogs on roads. Another lie that the official seemed to telling the members was exposed by Corporator Aparna Gavte who said that the official was giving misleading numbers to the house about Digha as vehicles for catching dogs had not come there for months. Another important issue was raised by the Chairman Sandeep Naik himself who asked why was NMMC proposal to develop the dog control center under a flyover when the place did not belong to NMMC to which the Commissioner replied that the development plan for the city was still not ready. However, members refused to accept the explanation. Shivram Patil said that every Commissioner who comes says he needs 6 months to make the development plan. Chairman Sandeep Naik too said that the Commissioner was in office for 2.5 years so his reasoning was not acceptable. The Chairman went on to criticize the fact that many were laughing when the issue was being discussed. He further sent the proposal back reprimanding the officials stating that hence further non sensical answers would not be tolerated. Speaking to NMTV News, Sandeep Naik stated the reasons they sent the proposal back. He added that they have asked for a detailed report of the contractor’s work. He said that the administration needs to coordinate between the departments responsible for rabbies injections and sterilization program. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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