standingThe NMMC Standing Committee has sanctioned Rs. 51 Crores to make power line in villages in Navi Mumbai underground. The proposal does not include Digha village, Mahape village and Adhavli-Bhutavli. NMTV Managing Editor Zeba Warsia joins us with all the details from the weekly Standing Committee meet. Yet another proposal pending for years is likely to see the light of the day after this week’s Standing Committee meet. The members, after deliberations approved the tender bid of Rs. 51 Crores to make power cables underground. The proposal is going to be done in collaboration with MSEDC. The NMMC will spend Rs. 51 Crores and recover the same from MSEDC by adjusting the amount against MSEDC bills. This will help NMMC recover Rs. 51 Crores over a period of few years. The members raised several concerns about the tender that was presented in a rather unclear and confusing manner like all proposals drafted by the administration. Some significant points raised was by member Namdeo Bhagat who said that NMMC should not pay the Rs. 21 lakhs as supervision charges to MSEDC as it was the latter’s job that NMMC was doing at its cost because MSEDC did not have funds to do this. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik too made an important suggestion. Since this proposal requires approval from MERC and then the state government, members said that the administration should ensure that the delay in getting approvals does not end up in escalation of the tender bid like in the case of NMMC HQ. Sandeep Naik however voiced confidence that the work will be done smoothly. He said that the villages that have not been included in the proposal will be adjusted in the cushion amount of 25% in the tender bid. The NMMC will complete the work in a period of 12 months. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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