sandeep-naik-5Looks like MLA Sandeep Naik headed Standing Committee meet stalled a proposal that could have turned out to be a bicycle purchase scam in the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Vishwarath Nayar gets us all the details. The Standing Committee members averted an alleged fraud by the Planning Department of NMMC, by stalling the purchase of 1044 bicycles costing Rs. 2700/- each and totaling Rs. 28,18,800/- from Srikrishna Seva Sansthan. The proposal mentions the bidder as government registered supplier of ISO certified products but does not mention whether the bidder is a registered supplier of bicycles. Thus the tender failed to mention the name of the company manufacturing bicycles. The approved bid in a ploy to obviously fool the Standing Committee members mentioned that the bell, lock, carrier, and stand of the cycles are ISO/ISI certified. Thus, clearly hinting that the bidder is a government registered supplier of these small parts of a bicycle and not the whole bicycle. The Standing Committee members saw through the scam and demanded to know the reputed brand of the bicycles, which DMC Dadasaheb Chabukswar failed to reveal. Members stayed the proposal demanding that the administration bring one bicycle to the Standing Committee meet next week to clear the doubts of the members. There are cheap Chinese made cycles available in the market at less than one third of the price quoted in the bid. There is a possibility of these cycles being purchased and fitted with 3 or 4 ISO / ISI approved small parts like bell, carrier, lock and stand and being sold to NMMC at 3 times the price, leaving enough money for kickbacks to concerned officials. However, an alert Standing Committee ensured that what could turn out to be a bicycle purchase scam in NMMC was stalled. From NMMC HQ, Vishwarath Nayar for NMTV News.

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