face-book-1The state government has restricted access to Facebook, the popular social networking site, at Mantralaya. The Information Technology department imposed the ban after receiving complaints over its excessive use by employees. Te government’s IT Dept. decided to block the site as several employees were seen busy spending hours on it. When the employees could not access the site, they began to make inquiries and soon learnt that it had been blocked. The ban, though, has not gone down well with them. They say that the administration has a wrong impression that work is getting affected due to Facebook. Employees say that they log on to the site only during lunch break or if there is less workload on a particular day. However the IT department has clearly stated that the internet connection was intended only to sites that are needed or related with the functioning of the government. Significantly, this is not the first time that such a restriction has been imposed on the use of internet in Mantralaya. Last year, the IT department had put similar restrictions on the use of financial websites. This was done after several employees who had invested in the stock market were found to be hooked to these. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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