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State Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam Makes Ridiculous Claims Of Planting 12 Crore Trees In The State

Congress’s Janta Darbaar continued this week, with the State Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam highlighting the need for conservation of forest with the minister vouching that the forest department had exceeded its target of planting trees of 10 crores by planting nearly 12 crore trees.

This time it was State Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam who presided over Congress’s Janta Darbaar to hear the applications of the citizens related to this department. However, like last year even this year Patangrao Kadam did not have much to boost about on the working of their department. However, he did claim that the Forest department had managed to plant nearly 12 crore trees as opposed to their target of 10 crore. This was informed by the minister while addressing the gathering present for the Janta Darbaar held in Gandhi Bhavan in Mumbai.

He added that not just planting trees but the state had also taken up steps to ensure that trees and not burned and cut. Another step being taken by the state to conserve forests it to ensure that the forest area is developed into tourist spots. Patangrao Kadam said that an agreement with the State Tourism Department was being drafted for the same. Later on speaking to the media, Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam stated that in order to conserve and protect the forest land, each district had been appointed with a forest officer who would be responsible for the forest destruction in their area.

Speaking on the role of his department, he said that apart from checking on the number of trees planted in forest land, they would also ensure education amongst the villagers for the conservation of the environment in their area. On one hand, environment is constantly being destroyed to give way for SEZs and townships while on the other hand the Forest Minister is claiming of planting 12 Crore trees. It’s become a fashion for leaders to make tall claims of planting lakhs and crores of trees. If that’s true then it’s a wonder why there are such alarming reports of pollution levels crossing all limits in the Maharashtra state? With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Bureau report for NMTV News.

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