policy-parking-4A seamless interlinking of various transport modes, creating a unified metropolitan transport authority, banning hoardings that obstruct the cone of vision while driving-these are some of the guidelines the state plans to formulate for all large cities across Maharashtra. Close on the heels of the street vendor policy, the state government will soon formulate another for parking and hoardings. According to senior urban development officials, the policy guidelines will be ready by next month. There is rapid urbanization of the state. It is estimated that by 2035, nearly 75% of the state will be urban. These policies are necessary to channel growth in an orderly fashion. Transport experts feel that the apathy towards parking discourages people from using public transport, which is dangerous. If the government controls parking, it will bring in few cars in the central business districts. The Centre had already framed two basic guidelines to reduce the dependence on private transport: The parking tariff in the central business districts should be twice as much as in other areas. The municipal authority should ensure that out of the total number of cars, at least 50% should be parked under pay and park. Officials claimed the aim of bringing about the policy was to make parking central to all urban transport plans. As far as hoardings are concerned, the objective is to ensure that the width and length of the roads decide the size and number of hoardings on each road. Safety aspects too will be incorporated as hoardings often distract drivers and result in accidents. With bureau inputs, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.


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